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On Koalas and A Most Clever Guide

  Experience koalas in nature? Share a walking quest at Hanson Bay with ace Maggie the Dog and be delighted when she spots the charming marsupials atop eucalypt trees on Kangaroo...
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Awaken from the darkness to the glorious sunrise colors of

Outback’s ancient Uluru…


you will never be the same.

“Australia amazes with its indescribable and breathtaking scenic splendor set amongst wildlife unsurpassed.” – Sherry Heard, Aussie Specialist

Walk along pristine trails with nauture ever-present…

Connect with the beauty unique to the Land Down Under.

Discover a rugged country at the end of the earth…

Get a sense of time, place and antiquity in this unspoiled land.

Help the quest to save the world’s most endangered.

Those without a voice will whisper to you.

Scenic grandeur, animal encounters, culinary delights, a wine-lover’s paradise…these are just the beginnings of a journey that you will never forget...

We are Aussie Specialists – a designation we take quite seriously.

We’ve worked hard for our specialization from Tourism Australia. Because we are committed to learning about this incredible continent. We’ve been there, done that, and can recommend travel based on our personal experiences.

We can show you the Australia of your dreams…from beaches to barbees, from kangaroos to campsites, from Outback to outrageous…we know where the find the best in this country that is simply, well, the best.

At The Pug and The Parrot, we recognize your desire for a personalized travel experience that will be authentic and amazing.

This Australia is waiting for you.

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