The Pug and The Parrot

Live Large. Travel Big. Think Small.





Lucky Puggins, MBE


Yes, we really are Luxury Travel Designers with a penchant for pugs and a love for parrots.

Calypso, our very own 25-year-old Blue and Gold Macaw represents our adventuresome spirit and joie de vivre. Our discerning and fastidious side (with a high octane dose of mischief and exuberance) is represented by “the pug,” the embodiment of five distinct rescue pugs — namely Lucky, Happy, Estelle, Hattie and Henry — who have occupied and infiltrated our lives over the past two decades.

As tribute to these remarkable, charming, and deeply loving animals that have meant so much to us, we offer the world “The Pug and The Parrot” – an amalgam of all things travel where we create meaningful and culturally enriching experiences for travelers to world-wide, knock-out destinations.

Think Small when planning your next journey. The diminutive but mighty pug and the pint-sized, yet commanding parrot together represent an enchanting mix that can turn your travel dreams into a reality.

Where in the world do you want to go?

As a boutique luxury travel service, The Pug and The Parrot is an intimate partner for your travel requirements, yet we are never too small to dream big.

The Pug and The Parrot • Luxury Travel Designers

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